Omni Smart Entertainment System

All-round Style

Full HD TFT LCD 11.6” IPS Clip-on style panel.

Headrest Compatible

Compatible with vehicles with active safety headrests.


Integrated wiring for non-stop entertainment.


The first active headrest in Australia to not only play DVD movies, but also has built-in Google TV for streaming your favourite shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and much more. A new entertainment experience that brings together online movies and TV shows, live TV and more from across your apps and subscriptions. 

Large automotive-grade Full HD TFT LCD 11.6” IPS Clip-on style panel.

Concealed USB / SD / DVD

13.3″ Automotive FHD IPS panel (16:9) (4:3)

Blue Atmosphere Lighting

Smart TV system

Built-in Wifi

Built-in Bluetooth

DVD Crosslink

Touch sensitive controls

Advanced ALC technology for improved audio volume

LED backlit panels for exceptional picture quality, high efficiency and long life

Adjustable bracket for universal fit, tilt pole

Viewing Angle >180°

Automatically selects between PAL and ATSC systems

Built-in 3.5 mm AV input jack

Two A/V inputs

Wireless remote control

Built-in dual speakers

Built-in dual channel IR transmitter

Ch A: 2.3MHz (left)–2.8MHz (right)

Ch B: 3.2MHz (left)–3.8MHz (right)

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Power supply: DC +12V (10.6V-15.8V)

Power consumption: 12W

Operating temperature: -10°C to -60°C

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