Front Parking Sensors

Great Coverage

Up to 4 sensors provides comprehensive coverage.

Hazard Detection

Audible alerts allow greater awareness of potential hazards.

Discreet Design

Colour coded sensor heads to match vehicle paintwork.


Experience easier and safer parking with the assistance of front parking sensors. These ultrasonic sensors monitor the distance from your vehicle to potential obstacles. Front parking sensors leave the stress out of parking and boost confidence when manoeuvring in tight situations. 

Power Requirements: DC 12V

Current Draw: <120mA

The Number of Sensors: 4pcs

Detecting Distance: 0 ∼ 200 cm

Sensor Cable Length: 6m

Operating Temperature Range: -30°C ∼ +80°C

Storage Temperature: -40°C ∼ +100°C

Ultrasonic Frequency: 58KHz

Alarm Type: Speaker

Supporter: Yse

Mode: Rear/Front

Setting Function: Rear/Front, 2/4 Sensor, Far/Near Range, High/Low Sensitivity

Zone Range: 
Center 0 ∼ 40 ∼ 100 ∼ 200 cm
Side Sensor 0 ∼ 40 ∼ 80 cm

Response Time: 0.2 seconds

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