Cancellation & Damages Policy

Cancellation Policy

Introduced 10th October 2017

As a reminder, due to the adverse impact that late cancellations and vehicle delays has on our ability to efficiently and promptly service our customer base, AutoXtreme has implemented the Cancellation Policy set out below.

A Cancellation Fee of $70.00 (plus GST) will be charged by AutoXtreme where:

  1. Less than 24 hours’ notice is provided of a booking cancellation (even where the booking is re-scheduled, unless it is re-scheduled for the same day).
  2. An installer arrives on-site and is required to wait more than 20 minutes to access the nominated vehicle.
  3. An installer arrives on-site and is unable to gain access to the nominated vehicle for any reason (including without limitation the nominated vehicle is not available, the incorrect car is made available, etc).

If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact Tony Noonan – General Manager, AutoXtreme phone 1800 818 288 or email

Damages Policy

Introduced 10th October 2017

In the unfortunate event that you identify any damage that you believe has been caused by AutoXtreme or its representatives during the installation or fitment of any of our aftermarket products, please follow the required process set out below:

  1. Notify AutoXtreme as soon as possible please contact Michael Bartlett – National Product Trainer, AutoXtreme phone 1800 818 288 or email
  2. Arrange for inspection by an AutoXtreme representative to document and evaluate the damage.
  3. In the event that AutoXtreme forms the view that it bears any responsibility for the damage, then AutoXtreme is to first be given the opportunity to rectify the damage, or alternatively approve repair by a third party.

Please note that if the above process is not followed, AutoXtreme will not accept any financial responsibility for any loss or damage claimed.