Vehicle Drive Recorder + Power Management System
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An essential dash cam that records every drive in full HD quality, including superior night-time vision. The device can also record even while the car is parked#, and is available with an optional power management system that checks your vehicle’s battery voltage periodically, helping to save your vehicle’s battery life.


  • Built in GPS and WiFi: GPS provides speed recording and tracks travel via Google Maps. WiFi allows for viewing a live feed, downloading footage and adjusting settings

  • Comes with a 32GB SD card; allowing for easy viewing of captured footage on a PC, adjusting user options, playback footage in slow motion and more

  • Dedicated App (available via iOS and Android) for reviewing captured footage

  • Available as front or dual (front and rear) configuration

  • Professionally installed by a trained technician

  • Comes with a 3 year nationwide warranty*


+ Choose the optional Power Management System to provide uninterrupted power to your Vehicle Drive Recorder. Some vehicles require the Optional Power Management System to enable Parking Mode as a result of manufacturer design. Please ask your Consultant if this applies to your vehicle.



  • Helps provide evidence in the event of an accident

  • Records both audio and visual footage

  • Records even while the car is parked – the device automatically records when motion or impact is detected.
    (Note: some vehicles may require the Optional Power Management System identified below to enable Parking Mode)

  • In any sudden accident, footage can be replayed immediately via the App

  • Built-in GPS and WiFi makes for a cleaner installation with less cables, and removes the need to take the SD card out for simple tasks

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* Warranty terms, conditions & exclusions apply.
32GB SD card supplied with dual configuration. 16GB SD card supplied with front only configuration.
# Some vehicles may also require the Optional Power Management System to enable Parking Mode.