ShuRoo Impact Protection System
Create a no-go zone
ShuRoo Impact Protection System

As its name suggests, ShuRoo is an Australian designed high frequency Vehicle Impact Protection System that helps to combat the problem of wildlife collision; particularly kangaroos, that wreak havoc on the national road system, especially in rural areas, by frequently and unpredictably bounding into fast-moving traffic.

  • Emits a unique pattern of high-frequency sound that can’t be heard by humans but creates an extremely loud police siren type of alert to wildlife

  • Alerts wildlife of your presence up to 400 metres ahead and up to 50 metres either side of your car

  • Gives animals plenty of time to get out of the way, helping to reduce the road toll of our native wildlife

  • Works day and night, rain or shine with 24/7 protection

  • Withstands the toughest of driving environments. Insects, dirt and weather will not affect ShuRoo’s performance

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