Cruise Control
Enjoy Cruising Safely
Cruise Control

Enjoy cruising safely and in control with cruise control from AutoXtreme. The system fits into automatic and manual vehicles, and provides easy and safe driving.

  • EFI, carburettor and diesel engine suitable

  • Fully integrated drive-by-wire Cruise Control System

  • Functions include set/accelerate, resume/decelerate, tap up/tap down

  • This system can help increase fuel economy by regulating your speed for a smoother drive

Easy to use.

You simply accelerate to desired speed and set that speed.

Cruise with confidence.

This system means you can comfortable maintain a constant speed during long trips.

Cost effective.

This system can help increase fuel economy and promote safer drive speeds.

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The cruise control is designed to maintain vehicle speed which can assist with the possibility of over speeding and can also help with fuel economy by maintaining a constant steady speed, however the cruise can only maintain vehicle speed by controlling the accelerator position in relation to vehicle speed. It has no control over the braking system therefore the possibility of over speeding when coming down a hill is still present so intervention by the driver is required to maintain speed under these conditions, the manufacturer, distributor and dealer cannot be held responsible for any speeding infringements that may occur when operating the cruise control. It is also recommended that the cruise control is not operated on winding roads or steep hills or any other road conditions that would require a constant change in vehicle speed by the driver.